Writer, Director, Film Historian John Mulholland


JOHN MULHOLLAND is a filmmaker, writer and film historian. His latest documentaries, Elmore Leonard: But don’t try to write (narrated by Campbell Scott) and Inside High Noon Revisited (narrated by Matthew Rhys), airing on PBS. An extended version of Elmore Leonard: But don’t try to write, will appear on Amazon Prime. Mulholland is also the author of Classic Film Chatter, a book series about notable film genres published by Cine Monde Classique. Politics in Film will be the first released.  Colossal New York is publishing several of  Mulholland’s graphic novels; among which:  Tenderloin, which takes place during the Gilded Age of New York; Checkmate, a battle of the sexes thriller; and High Riviera, a romantic chase through the South of France.

Among some of Mulholland’s other documentaries: New York Times Critics Pick Cooper & Hemingway: The True Gen, narrated by Sam Waterston which explores the 20-year friendship between Gary Cooper and Ernest Hemingway; Sergeant York: Of God And Country; The Letters Of Vincent and Theo Van Gogh; On Macbeth; Eastern European Composers; and Liza Minnelli Reflecting. He has worked with such award-winning actors as Liam Neeson, Angela Lansbury, Morgan Freeman, Kirk Douglas, Frank Langella, Len Cariou, Leonard Nimoy, Estelle Parsons, Sam Waterston, Patricia Neal, and Charlton Heston; and such authors as Jim Harrison, George Plimpton, Elmore Leonard, Bridgett Davis, Stephen Prince, Jim Born, Rachel Howzell Hall, and Otto Penzler. Mulholland also served as host for the popular podcast, Icons Radio Hour, which covered Classic Hollywood.

Along with such notables as Ian McKellen, Mark Rylance, Derek Jacobi, Sandra Day O’Connor, John Paul Stevens, and a host of others, Mulholland is a signatory to the Declaration of Reasonable Doubt, which questions that the man known as William Shakespeare actually wrote the plays attributed to him.

Mulholland lives in New York City. He is in the early stages of research for his next documentary, on author Graham Greene.